Monthly tests are held in the last week of every month. 1st Term, Half Yearly and 2 nd Term examination are held before the Annual examinations thus dividing each session into four terms.

NOTE: - The Promotion is based upon his/her performance in the 1 st Term, 2nd Term, Half - Yearly & Annual examinations.

Rank will be given on the basis of marks obtained under this pattern.

No re-test will be taken if a child fails to appear in any of the test or examination.

Calendar of Monthly Tests and Examinations-

  • 1st First Term Test - 1st week of May/2nd week of July
  • Half-yearly Examination - 2nd week of September
  • 2ndTerm Test /Pre-Board - 1st week of December
  • Annual Examination - 2nd week of February

Note:- 1st , 2nd Term Test, Half-yearly Exam, Pre-board and Annual examinations will be held according to the school calendar.

Progress Report-

Progress reports of the students including their cumulative record are given after each examination.

Parents/Guardians are required to go through their ward's progress. Special Attention is needed from parents/guardians to the specific information given by the class teacher and the subject teacher.