Head Boy's Message
2020 - 2021

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."

With all the blessings of my Principal Ma’am and Teachers who have shown faith on me, by choosing me as the head boy of the school in session 2020-2021, I have always given my best to maintain the dignity and decorum of the school all just because of the teachers who kept pushing me to work harder and getting better day by day, It's very fortunate of me to have opportunity to serve my school for 2 years and contributing in the progress, with all the best I can do! I am heartily thankful to St Joseph and all my teachers who helped me a lot in finding my true potential and if I made this far, it's just because of them!

I genuinely feel each and every student has its own unique capability; it's only that we have to push our limits and make the things happen in front of the crowd!

Stop acting so small. You are the entire universe in ecstatic motion so Dream big. Don’t limit yourself on what you can do, what you can become and the life you can live. It’s a dream, it doesn’t need to be “realistic”. Just giving yourself the opportunity to dream big will open you up to new possibilities that you refused to see before!

Special thanks go to all the members of student council and teachers for cooperating with us and showing us the light to the pathway.

Every member of our student council is dedicated towards their duties and I am thankful to them for that.

And at the end I urge all students to work hard in their respective areas so that we can soar higher and higher and make our St. Joseph Family Proud!

Kushagra Sahajwani
(Head Boy)

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