Head Boy's Message
2018 - 2019

“Being a part of St. Joseph for its long years I can assure you that this is one of the best institutions that one can be a part of. I feel myself very honoured and privileged to be the head boy of this great institution.”

First of all, I am very grateful to the school staff for believing in my potential and giving me the opportunity to serve my school as the head boy.

From the very first day in the school ,I have learnt many lessons not just limited to academics but about life, And being a head boy ,I have solemnly promised to respect my Principal as well as other teachers and will faithfully execute my all duties.

And I want my friends to learn 4D’s for success:-

  • 1. Desire
  • 2. Determination
  • 3. Discipline
  • 4. Direction

I will never forget the words of my Principal Ma’am :

”The more we grow, the more we have to bend.”

And at the end I urge all students to work hard in their respective areas so that we can soar higher and higher.

Swapnil Gupta
(Head Boy)

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