Brief History
brief history

The St. Joseph-Neeru Memorial Society

Mrs. Pushplata Agarwal, inspired by her daughter Neeru laid the foundation of Neeru Memorial Society in commemoration of her fond memory with the sole objective to impart purposeful education to one and all. The school has established its legacy by imprinting its name in history by establishing several branches hereby from Rajajipuram (Head Branch) in 1987 to its newest branch at Malihabad in 2018. Each branch has developed into a pace-setting autonomous institution, with a well-designed program of instruction, based on the pursuit and promotion of excellence.

Neeru Memorial Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary, unaided society which aims at the overall personality development in its schools. We believe that with characters so molded, the students of St. Joseph may be entrusted to carry through efficiently, courageously and faithfully any task they undertake.

Awareness, understanding, involvement, participation and contribution-these are ways in which St. Joseph Montessori School means to involve students by setting up the Environment Education Council for children. Wherever something needs to be done on any environment issue one will find St. Joseph Montessori School students with their minds responsive and sleeves folded.