Managing Director's Desk

1. "Child is the father of man" , William Wordsworth ,the great author once quoted and I always agree. Innumerable times, the budding scholars of my college have surprised me through their innocent questions by expecting answers, when actually there are none. For me, teaching has always been a continuous and ongoing learning process. I firmly believe in the adage ‘Where there is learning, there is life’. Without the thirst for knowledge, life is meaningless. It has always been the earnest endeavour of our dedicated staff to engrain the pearls of wisdom in all the bright sparks of our illustrious institution.

2. I have a common message for both our present as well as ex-students, ‘Believe in yourself, work hard for your dreams, but above all, in the race for success don’t’ allow your ambition rule over your principles and values. Your values are something which will always remain with you as pillars of strength even when adversities seem insurmountable and everyone around you is trying hard to discourage you.

3. It would be unfair on my part, if I forget to make a mention of the pivotal role played by our elite management and instructional staff for their unending efforts. They have really been an indispensable part of our system. At the end , I have but one message for all of them, ‘Believe in the strengths of your students and always give them the opportunity to express themselves . Give them a patient hearing and address all their problems cheerfully because an inquisitive mind is undoubtedly a developing mind.

Mrs. Anupam Chaudhary
(Managing Director)